Canada's Northern Lights Farm 

Black Spruce reflects the character of the trees from which it is derived, echoing their resilient, deeply rooted strength. This powerful oil is a key ingredient in many of Young Living’s most popular oil blends, contributing its  grounding, rich, woodsy scent to favorite like Valor. 


A Wake Up Story


Why ingredients matter.
(3 minute video)


Young Living Therapeutic Grade


Quality—what grade is your essential oil?


Orb Diffuser with Hudson


The small orb diffuser is perfect for on the go. 


Can I Ingest My Oils?


In Canada, we have the Plus line of flavouring & cooking oils. 


Plus Line with Pam & Jaymee


Check out this great video.




Digestive enzymes decrease as we age, we all need these. 


Thieves Household Cleaner Experiment


Check out the POWER of our household cleaner.


Our Story


The Graf’s.


How Old is Your Body?

Why is Supplementation so important?

Your cells are constantly being shed and replaced—so is your body ever completely refreshed? Does anything remain of the body that existed on January 1, 2017? 2007? The day you were born? 


Ancient Secrets of Essential Oils

This video is an immersing, cinematic experience that delves into the mysterious world of essential oils. The film explores the fascinating history of essential oils from Biblical times into the 21st century. The film will examine how uses of essential oils have developed over the centuries and the medical research that has inspired millions of people around the world to use them.